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I understand that I will be trained and approved for the use of the instrument(s). I certify that the account(s) I give here is(are) active and valid, and that all charges for my use of the facilities will be withdrawn from the account(s). I will keep the facility informed of any changes in the above account(s) with regards to billing. I also understand that billing against the account(s) will follow the posted regulations of the facility. I realize that these regulations are subject to change. I will adhere to all regulations of the facility use. I assume responsibility, both financial and otherwise, for any damage I may cause to equipment or facilities due to gross and repeated negligence on my part.

By clicking the I Agree button below, I, of and in consideration of being permitted to use the facilities and equipments at facility, hereby release and waive any and all claims whatsoever against the facility, its trustees, officiers, employees, and agents from any liability or any loss, cost, damage, expense, injury or death arising from or in any manner connected with or related to my use of the facility.